Vision and Values

Incept’s mission is to:

  • Maximise the impact of our unique T-Steel and Clean Coal Conversion intellectual property worldwide
  • Create value through best practice technologies which disrupt the value chain
  • Support technology rollout with resource positions to naturally hedge the business
  • Maintain a low risk philosophy through diversification to ensure financial robustness
  • Invest in green (carbon-efficient) technologies to future proof the business
  • Acquire key skills and operating staff through project acquisitions
  • Invest in carbon credit warehousing and forestry preservation and management

To achieve this mission Incept has developed a set of goals and values:

  • Excellence and Innovation – Commitment to the highest standards of domain expertise, operational excellence and project innovation to deliver value to our shareholders, clients and stakeholders
  • Global Scale Diversification – Maintain diversified operations globally to reduce risk and ensure financial robustness and longevity
  • Environmental Focus – Invest in the development and promotion of green (carbon-efficient) technologies to future-proof the business and protect the environment for our future generations
  • Debt-free Business – No encumbrance of debt at the parent company level to safeguard shareholder value
  • Family Doctrine – As activities grow to a larger-scale Incept will maintain its boutique, family-run doctrine

To achieve these goals and values, Incept is focused on three pillars:

  • Intelligent Strategic Direction – Seek best in class assets to create a diversified portfolio providing compelling advantages that best engage target markets
  • Optimised Acquisition and Partnership – Disciplined approach to acquisition identification
  • Global Investor Access – Finalising prospectus to seek listing on a major global market to increase the scope of operations



Incept challenges the traditional business model. Its low-risk philosophy, demand-driven focus and unique asset diversity and acquisition paradigm demand a highly flexible business model that enables future growth.

Through collective knowledge and experience, Incept has developed a model that not only supports its strategic asset acquisition and holding strategy, but also allows for continued, scalable growth across its four distinct asset classes. Incept’s model is fundamental to achieving this vision.

The five pillars:

  1. Partnerships: Brokering and leveraging from effective partnerships by forming ‘friendly joint ventures’ with currently high performing assets or those with strong future potential
  2. Diversified Returns: Investing in a broad asset class around the world to ensure exposure to the best projects and further reduce risk
  3. Securing the Supply Chain: Investing only in projects where the resource or product has been fully pre-sold
  4. Preservation of Capital: Maintaining cash flow through investing in fully operational, tried and tested projects where the Company can value add in short timeframes through capital investment (i.e. not prospects or non-performing assets)
  5. Risk Management: Hedging the core businesses with investments in and production of gold assets underpinned by significant knowhow in financial structuring
  6. Climate Change: Participation in processes and technologies and humanitarian aspects of climate change

Strategy & Objectives

Behind Incept’s success is a vigorous and overarching strategy to invest in and develop a high-performing, diversified, long-term asset portfolio to generate continual shareholder value and revenue. This strategy stems from a bold vision to redefine industries, nations and the global economy through the building of its suite of industry-transforming and, ultimately, global-economy changing assets.

Incept’s strategy is founded on a pioneering spirit and executed through a process-driven, four pronged strategic approach:

  1. Incept has a demand-driven focus: Emerging economies are essential to building its diverse and dynamic base. Incept has positioned itself, and its assets, to satisfy the strong resource demand from the world’s major urbanisation growth markets of China, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
  2. Investing in diversified assets to create value and fast revenue generation: Incept has an asset base that is diverse in both project and location, with the Company using its strategic approach to ensure exposure to the best projects, value creation and generation of quick revenue for shareholders, while also reducing risk.
  3. Taking a ‘cradle to grave’ approach to assets by creating an exclusive sales arm for Incept commodities: Incept is building a commodity marketing and trading business to become a worldwide force in commodity trading, and act as primary sales agent for the diverse range of Incept products in developing nations. These operations will be focused on supplying products essential to the growth of emerging countries.  
  4. Mitigating risk through currency hedging, joint venturing and diversification: Profiling and mitigating risk is a key plan of Incept’s successful strategy. Incept employs a number of tactics to minimise risk and create a solid, long-term asset base.
  5. Investing in climate change mitigation: The Climate Change issue is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. Incept’s portfolio allows it to play a part in addressing this challenge.

A number of key points that fall below these broad headings are outlined below:

Securing high value assets and projects in developing nations
Core assets and operations are geographically spread across Europe, Australia, Africa and Indochina. This spread is strategically designed to service the growing demand for resources in these nations. As part of this key strategy, Incept seeks out and takes advantage of government incentives supporting mining in key territories, as foreign investment is seen to support the local economy.   

Leveraging geographic scope and diversification of operations
Incept intends to build upon its position and track record of extending product and geographical range by continuing to target expansion in emerging markets.

Capitalising on strategic investments throughout its portfolio
Incept places a emphasis on strategic investments and its sourcing strategy. These investments provide a competitive advantage over peers which are less vertically integrated.

Focusing on technology for operation, cost and business advantage
Incept’s strategic investment model has particular focus on emergent technologies in the areas of carbon efficiencies, green technologies and coal conversion. Such technologies provide Incept with strategic competitive advantage including substantial operational, marketing, cost structure and business advantages, in addition to their underlying capital value.

Investing in high-value, market-ready mining projects
Incept’s asset investment strategy also relies heavily on acquiring high-value, market-ready mining assets. The Company is in the process of actively acquiring and developing mining assets with resources relevant to the steel and power industries.

Mining asset screening criteria
Mines must meet the following key screening criteria: Logistically close to major end-user customer markets; be operationally ready (within 12 months of revenue); hold major lease with defined deposits; possess or be close (within 12 months) to establishing a mining license; require nil or minimal major infrastructure or logistics investment; have low cost of extraction and freight on-board cost; have logistical infrastructure for export in place; have offtake agreements in place.

Joint venturing with local partners
While Incept requires complete management and operational control of each project, skilled local partners are utilised in all projects to reduce the geographical, political and operational risks.

Currency risk management
As commodity products are susceptible to US dollar fluctuations, Incept’s core assets are hedged, where possible, by investments in in-ground gold, silver and copper assets.

Diversification into commercially strong supporting projects
Incept’s business model is protected by cross-territory investment, and by targeting projects that are complementary to its core focus with lower cost and short time revenue. Opportunities are continuously emerging through leveraging the commodities industry.

Climate Change
Developing technologies in the area of climate change. Participating in warehousing and monetising of carbon credits.

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