Traditional Therapies

Foundation Product

A ground breaking product has been developed which is being trialled under R&D for human cancer treatments but still requires regulatory approvals

  • The product (see 2016 17(1414) report Int J Mol Sci)   is able to move into cells and accumulate in the nucleus and nucleic acid rich organelles. Its binding impairs DNA polymerase inducing DNA strand breaks and cell death. In cancer cells it prevents DNA break repair, Induces rapid apoptosis induction,  attacks Haematological and colorectal tumor expression, endoplasmic Reticulum Unfolded Protein Response, Impairs tumor neovascularization  Glutathione Depletion amplifies oxidative stress, anti-microtubule Inhibits cell proliferation
  • The product only targets cells and DNA effected by cancer. It targets any and all cancers
  • Zinc oxide chelation compound with a unique “selective toxicity” that attacks the abnormal tissue with minimal side effects, and without affecting adjacent normal tissues/cells
  • Zinc chloride at low concentrations supports the product and avoids tissue damage and gives exclusive targeting of abnormal cells in the precancerous and cancerous  cells and skin , and not normal skin cells and internal tissue
  • Apart from curing cancers it is a preventative and eliminates pre-cancers/metastasis
  • The Zinc Complex is readily transported across the defective cell membranes of precancerous or cancer cells due to altered permeability in their cell walls – transport of the compound (product) across normal cell membranes is inhibited

Product Advantages

Products are highly targeted, non invasive and can treat a multitude of terminal conditions including cancer. Cancer is second largest cause of death worldwide

  • Significant advantages of product over current therapies for both human and veterinary cancers include:
    • High success rate. First clinical trials 1857 of herb – 27% chance of late stage cancer recurrence within two years compared to 80% with surgery (see 2016 report Int J Mol Sci)
    • 300 year history of medical use
    • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy with bone marrow transplants are not targeted and have a negative effect on the immune system and other body organs (2004 Clinical Oncology report – 2.5% effect on survival chances).
    • Manages metastasis of cancer
    • New adjuncts of turmeric/honey/herbs
    • No known side effects with new formulas tested at University
    • Significant reduction in treatment cost
    • Effect on metabolism and cancer cells documented
    • Taken topically, a tonic and capsules.
    • Only known naturally occurring compound which only targets cancer in any part of body
    • Significant benefits of co-use with medical marijuana which can alleviate symptoms of cancer while the product completes its work. At right dose can aid in cancer cell death


NB. The information above is based on information provided by Aliud. – Incept takes no responsibility for the information.


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