Queensland Solar Project/Magnetic Power Generator

Executive summary | Project summary Large scale Solar Farm with 1500 MWpac installed capacity.

Key characteristics of the Project

  • Australia Energy Group is planning to execute a solar power storage plant near Kilcoy, Queensland Australia (the national power network pass through the land) with total nominal capacity of 1,500 MWpac Solar PV Capacity and 250MW/1000MWh Battery.
  • The estimated annual power generation is 3,146 GWh. 。
  • Commercial operation is planned for 30 years. Total generated electricity for 25 years useful life of solar panels is estimated to be 95,000 GWh.
  • The estimated overall investment (including EPC) is USD 1.67billion,

(Source: KPMG report)



Executive summary | Key metrics

USD 1.67billion investment

Total installed capacity of
1500 MWAC
1650 MWDC
which enables an annual production (w/o panel degradation) of 3146 GWh

3 Stages of Construction
1. Stage 651 MWAC (716 MWDC)
2. Stage 349 MWAC (394 MWDC)
3. Stage 500 MWAC (550 MWDC)

Total volume electricity sold of
94,402,144 MWh
during the 30 years of operation

USD 1.67bn
which implies
USD 1.01Wpac initial capital expenditure

Operational expenditure of
USD 18.654 / MWpac
on 2019/20 price level

Dispatch to Grid from Battery Storage
380,000 kWh

Daily during peak time

(not included in this report)

Commercial operation of 30 year
Development Approval granted
Nov 2018

Expected to start construction
Nov 2021

Project Area
2055ha (5078 Acre)

(Source: KPMG report)


Upcoming Development

Detail Layout design & engineering June 2021 – Sept 2021

Bill of Quantity and Bill of Material June 2021 – Sept 2021

Grid Study for first Project stage June 2021 – Sept 2021

Civil Engineering and planning June 2021 – Nov 2021

CEMP (Construction Environmental Management Plan) – June 2021

EPC Start Grid Connection approval June 2021 – Oct 2021 EPC Work Nov 2021


Project M-power System

This is the state of art, a futuristic electricity Generation system in today, the M-power system, which has a small 10kwh to 30kwh system and the large scale 1Mwh plus system.

Small M power system (SMP) built with a 10-30kwh M-generator and 5-50kwh super Lithium battery storage, subjects to application.

System around 10 kg (10kw/h unit). Electricity generated by a patented magnetic generator then stored in the Super Lithium battery system and supply direct to household. The system is controlled by a PCM system, system will turn on automatically when the battery level is low, average 1kwh input produce 13 to 15kwh from the SMP system.

For a 10kwh system (produce 10kw per hour), it is enough to supply a 5-6 peoples family house everyday use without external (grid)supply.

10-50kwh Small M power system (SMP)

Continuously power generation 10kw per hour 24/7.

Weight 10kg, size around one cubic meter (similar size to a small diesel generator) Photo of the SMP System


A common Solar Panel with battery storage setup


SMP System with Super Lithium battery setup 10kwh M-Power system with 5kw super battery.


For large scale application, we have the MW unit M-Power System (MWM)


1 to 10 MW/h(1000-10000kwh) MWM power System

Photo shown voltage 273 with 32 HZ, can be adjusted to suit different countries or applications.

1MWh unit

Space needed for installation 10M x 10M x 15M (LxWxH) Weight around 20 ton

Lifetime : 50 years +

1MWh unit can produce 24MWh per day, which is similar to a 5MW solar farm production per day.

MWM Power System. 1MWh(1000kwh) system, can supply up to 400 households 24/7



1. To accelerate the transition to a future powered by renewable energy in order to mitigate climate change in Australia; and

2. To attain carbon neutral through our investments on building and operating a diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets in Australia.

Anchored Sustainable Development Goals of AEG



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