Business Units & Priorities

Industrial Technologies

T-Steel T-Steel is a unique steel technology proven to be significantly stronger than regular steel and cheaper to manufacture. Incept owns 45 per cent of the IP for T-Steel has full management control and retains a number of experts involved in its original development. Incept owns 60%
Clean Coal Clean coal conversion technology is a process that utilises poor quality coals for the production of Activated Coal Water Fuel (ACWF) and low cost hydrogen enriched Syngas, with the resulting products offering a long-term, cheaper, alternative to fossil fuels, and resulting in an attractive fuel for the power generation industry Incept owns 75%
Green Gum Incept has acquired the majority interest in Green Gum Technologies, a patented rubber technology process that provides solid margins in converting waste rubber tyres into fine and superfine granules. This technology uses low energy consumption and an environmentally friendly recycling process, with the resulting products used in a variety of industries. The factory is built and is in operation. Incept owns 75%

Carbon and Energy

Solar carbon trading
  • Incept has the carbon trading right at US$7.50 fee for an 80 MW Solar plant with 25 + 25 year permit from Department of Energy, Republic of Philippines under Approval Number SESC 2014-02-064. Future expansion to 250 MW.
  • Financing of US$200 million complete and production of electricity in 2018 by Green Innovation Resources & Exploration Inc.
  • 80MW = over 5 billion running KWH at the rate of .007560 MTCO2e = 38,953,489 gold standard carbon credits over 25 years.
Incept owns 100%
Quantum Engines The overall objective of our project is to create an integrated sustainable energy supply system that could be used without harm the environment and that only use the Sun as an energy source. Incept technology includes dyed solar cells to capture the sunlight and an electrolyser to transform water in hydrogen. The same is being extended to cold fusion and energy teleportation. Incept owns 75%
Indian Solar Power Installation of solar pumps for remote Indian villages and solar panels (including diesel supply & management) for mobile phone tower installations (including 4G conversion) in India. The business of installation involves financing and installing the solar technologies with ultimate payment by the Government. Incept owns 33%


Indian Iron ore Incept has identified a cluster of iron ore mines in the Keonjhar district of Orissa, India, a province on the Northeast coast of the sub-continent. 63%+ Fe iron ore resources have been measured within the identified mines and the total estimated potential resource across all mines is 500 million tonnes. Incept owns 75%
Nigerian Coal Nigeria has major underexplored and under developed high quality coal resources with the Nigerian government is focusing on revitalizing the coal mining industry. Initial acquisition of 500 million tonnes estimated high grade thermal coal Incept owns 75%
Cambodian Gold A 3 million ounce plus intrusion ore deposit. Incept is finalising 100% ownership
Philippines Iron sands There is a sizeable deposit 125 million tonne deposit of magnetite sand in the Cagayan River and offshore in the Babuyan Channel in the Philippines (up to 30 billion tonnes of iron sands). Validation and evaluation studies on quantity and quality are complete and the required technology to realise its full commercial potential. Incept owns 90%
Mali Iron ore The most comprehensive and proven Gold, Iron Ore, and Bauxite portfolios in Mali have been secured across 20 concessions in Mali. US$500 million spent on putting into production Incept owns 3%
Congo Copper Shenglong Congo Project which are located in the south of the Republic of Congo, 150km west of the capital Brazzaville and 400km NE from the major sea port Pointe-Noire. Incept can acquire 90%

Information and Biotechnology

Traditional Therapies
Ethical non-invasive treatment of terminal diseases in humans and animals based on historical medicinal use Incept can acquire 55%

Agriculture & Property

Leppington Development Incept has optioned a 1,100 apartment project-11 acre in Leppington, NSW and is progressing with DA approval. Incept owns 75% of option to develop
Meghalaya agriculture Meghalaya 29000 acre agricultural development Incept can acquire 51%+
Orissa Cashew Plant Odisha cashew nut processing plant Incept owns 50%

Future Science

Materials Active metal alloys whose properties are useful  in the areas of

  • Gamma ray techniques in medicine to re-program cells
  • Space energy and new propulsion systems
  • Perpetual energy production
Incept can acquire 51% of high value metallic compound