Our Vision and Mission


  • Focus on business segments which directly impact climate Change
  • Progress the development of Developing Countries
  • Further the use of Clean Energy Technology
  • Further aid Global Food Security


  • Excellence and Innovation– Commitment to the highest standards of domain expertise, operational excellence and project innovation to deliver value to our shareholders, clients and stakeholders.
  • Global Scale Diversification – Maintain diversified operations globally to reduce risk and ensure financial robustness and longevity
  • Environmental Focus – Invest in the development and promotion of green (carbon-efficient) technologies to future-proof the business and protect the environment for our future generations.
  • Debt-free Business – No encumbrance of debt at the parent company level to safeguard shareholder value.
  • Disruptive Technologies – enter into business segment only with access to disruptive technologies which change the cost structure or products of the segment.