Industrial and Energy Technologies

Incept’s technology focus to drive ‘industry changing’ outcomes has driven its commitment to innovation.
Incept has already acquired, and is in the process of acquiring, several ‘industry chaining’ technologies including the revolutionary T-Steel, coal conversion and carbon capture and sequestration projects amongst others, which it believes will help drive the advancement of developing companies. It is technologies such as these that Incept believes will determine competition and products into the future.

Most major countries around the world do not produce their own minerals on a major scale, with the need to import many minerals still weighing heavily on countries such as China and India. With the increasing costs of logistics, the real challenge is to provide the appropriate technologies to allow these emerging nations to use their own resources to provide their own high quality products, such as steel.

Incept is now in a position to not only provide these technologies, but also facilitate the required resources from closer supply points and in turn minimise their need to rely on long-distance imports. With a model based on cost efficiency, Incept’s initial focus will initially fall on the production of stronger steel requiring fewer raw materials for the same use, and cost efficiency in coal conversion technology to allow the use of local low quality deposits for energy generation in developing countries.

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