The following is a summary of two coal mining opportunities in the Republic of Indonesia, each having quite different characteristics and being in different geographic areas.

One is a very large project that may be up to 500 million metric tonnes, is a high grade good quality coal project covering a large area in East Kalimantan, close to the coast, with 119 drill holes previously drilled, and close to development and production stage.

The second smaller project is in south west Sulawesi, is low grade coal with very low production costs, being only 6 kilometers from the coast and at surface with a very low dip. It has been in production, and can be back in production a very short time (1-2 months).

Extremely low acquisition costs for control of both projects have been negotiated.

The opportunities have been sourced by Brian Hockney and MulyadiHasan, who have now worked together in Indonesia for over fourteen years, identifying and developing oil and gas, nickel, iron ore, gold and coal projects. The have an existing office and infrastructure in Indonesia and have earned the respect and approval of the local regulators and authorities.

Brian Hockney was a Chartered Accountant, holds a Bachelor of Economics degree and was a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia, was managing director of an Australian public listed company operating in Indonesia, and spent thirty years in the share-broking industry as partner and director in several Perth based share broking firms, working in both equity trading and corporate finance management roles.

Mulyadi Hasan has a Master’s Degree in both Geology and Geophysics, and has been regional manager, exploration for a large American oil and gas company, as well as country manager for a producing oil and gas company. He has had numerous consulting roles in mining and resources in Indonesia, and identifies and helps develop resource projects in Indonesia, particularly coal.

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