Corex Steel

Corex-Steels are a revolutionary new type of steel which are high strength, air-corrosion resistant, less expensive and energy saving.

Introducing the revolutionary Corex-Steel™ a new type of high strength steel, which is based on the steel-making know-how, and invention of HenrikGiflo and HenrikGiflo, Jr. It produces high strength, air-corrosion resistant, less expensive, energy-saving specific steels with the added environmental benefits of reduced CO2 and dust emissions. The firm’s breakthrough in metallurgy radically lessens the current specific energy levels required for production, which will address and alleviate current CO2 emission issues that plague the steel industry.

Depending on the type of Corex-Steel™, average specific cost savings in excess of 20–30%, as well as weight savings up to 300%, will be realised by end users who replace conventional steel with Corex-Steel™. In addition to major energy savings, Corex-Steel™ significantly reduce CO2 and dust emissions as a result of significantly lower specific energy requirements during production. The total combined energy savings from manufacturing to product use exceed up to 50%. Corex-Steels have been in use for decades in various classified applications and have been successfully tested.

Although many lightweight and specialty steels exist, the Corex-Steel™ developed over the past decades has no true competitor. The reason Corex-Steel™ has no true competitor is due to the technology being based on a complex metallurgical theory whilst other steel producers focus on improving equipment to increase the quality of steel. Corex-Steel™ technology is based on the strengthening mechanism combination of the metal lattice structure and has a lot of room for further advancement to ensure Corex-Steel™ stays well ahead of its closest competitors.

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