Shareholder Communications

The Company’s Shareholder Communication Policy is designed to ensure compliance with the Companies Act 2006 (UK) while ensuring accountability at a senior management level for that compliance, as well as to promote effective communication with Shareholders and encourage participation at general meetings.

The Shareholder Communication Policy includes vetting and authorisation processes designed to ensure that Company information:

  • is disclosed in a timely manner;
  • is factual;
  • does not omit material information;
  • is expressed in a clear and objective manner that allows the input of the information when making investment decisions.

The Directors aim to ensure that all Shareholders of the Company are kept informed of all material developments affecting the Company’s business. Information will be communicated to Shareholders through the Company’s annual report, annual general meetings, and the Company’s website –

The Company Secretary has been appointed as the person primarily responsible for managing external communications with the shareholders and stakeholders.