Global Food Security

Global water resources are declining; agriculture land is diminishing and; global food consumption is increasing at an alarming rate, with the worlds population set to double by 2050

Northern and Central Australia’s large water catchment systems and underground water resources are underdeveloped yet on the doorstep to South East Asia. Since 2007, Australia has allowed not only farmers but also investors who want to profit from trading to buy and sell water shares. The Southern Australia water market is now valued at some $US20bn

The Australian – The Wall Street Journal Thursday, September 5, 2019

Identified by the recent White Paper report (attached), developed for the Australian Government states that potentially two thirds of Australia‘s annual water runoff occurs in Northern Australia yet it is currently undeveloped.

The region is sparsely populated, positioned ideally on the doorstep to Asia providing a unique opportunity to capitalise.
Development of Northern Australia as identified by the CSIRO provides an extraordinary opportunity to secure water for the future. North Australia being on the doorstep of Asia is well placed to become a large food bowl for North, South, East, and South East Asia in the foreseeable future.
Incept Agri in associated with this futures water Intellectual Property has established alliances and identified future water for global food security as liquid gold. This is now extremely evident with an ever-increasing health conscious population of middle class people throughout Asia, the Middle East.



  • Water is integral to the success of the development of Northern Australia. The CSIRO has recently completed the first and only account of water availability for North Australia.
  • It found that every year, out of the 2 million GL of water arriving in Northern Australia, around 15,000 GL - enough to irrigate almost 1.5 million hectares - could be made available for irrigation.
  • Drought and over-allocation of water resources in Southern Australia have focused attention on the potential for expanding irrigated agriculture in the north. With an outlook for increased drought in Southern Australia, the pressure to look north is evident.


Incept Agri is investing in innovative Agriculture Futures, to secure vast water reserves for future development in association to agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture land throughout Northern & Central Australia under long-term joint venture agreements with JV land-owners.

Presenting to market as a conglomerate of resource business operations that 
through these Joint Ventures (JVs) with Landowners provides Incept Agri the unique opportunity to access Northern and Central Australia’s (Gateway to Asia) abundant blue ribbon land and abundant water resources to produce a range of commercial private enterprise opportunities in global food security.

To operate as a social enterprise with humanitarian goals creating a scenario that allows the land and the people of the area to work together to benefit many industry sectors. Attractiveness:

  • Global food production
  • Experienced board and management
  • Planned growth and value-added strategy
  • Strong network & track record
  • Strong emerging market demand providing multiple revenue streams
  • International commercialization opportunities
  • Robust moral, social and community humanitarian model
  • Strong branding
  • Strong exit strategy

Australia is an attractive agriculture source because of the quality and cost efficiency of its highly sought quality produce, its ability to be able to supply large quantities into the South East Asian markets, and European markets, and the fact that Australian animals are free of major disease arguably classed as the healthiest protein in the World. Outback Australia is blessed with an abundance of clean, fertile organic soils by default, land and pure uncontaminated water that produces, arguably the world’s best quality food produce. Global Financial institutional interest in the agricultural sector is now exceedingly high, implying growing demand for agricultural food produce, to which Incept Agri will invest to capitolise on the future security of global food production.