About us

Incept Holdings Limited is a diversified, global asset company with a suite of established, intellectual, technological and natural resource businesses positioned globally..

Incept’s strategic business model centres on game-changing technologies and is supported by worldwide activities in mining and related opportunities. The recent UN report on Climate Change is consistent with Incept’s positioning in the market:

  • Our goal is to grow a sustainable company that will deliver beneficial outcomes to all stakeholders for the future; achieved by embracing innovation and technology.
  • Improving efficiency in the road transport
  • Game changer technologies in carbon dioxide capture
  • Seawater to hydrogen production in sunlight without any external energy input (this is the futuristic technology which addresses the major issues in the report)
  • Diversification of risk with investments in safe havens such as property and gold mining
  • Partnership with a major player in forestry preservation and management, land use, carbon credit accumulation


Incept has a low-risk philosophy backed by its vastly diversified asset base. The primary areas of focus are:

Incept’s technology-focused business model reinforces the Company’s position as a major participant in the global resources market, by reducing risk and enhancing its revenue position, setting Incept apart from other resource companies currently in operation. This positioning also enables Incept to service the rapidly expanding coal and steel demands of the world’s largest developing economies, China and India.

From leading-edge technology that will revolutionise the steel and coal industries, to agricultural and property projects that will deliver highly sought-after outcomes, each project within each asset class has been carefully selected for its value.