Incept Company Update (December 2018)

11 December 2018

Incept Company Update (December 2018)

Dear Shareholder(s),

As most of you are aware the Incept Group of Companies (ISIN VGG618061086) has been through many significant changes as we strive to have our primary funding secured, concurrently moving into revenue.

During the start-up, we have experienced many challenges; however, despite the numerous logistical issues we are moving forward.

We thank you for your ongoing support and patience and will continue to do our best to build a highly successful enterprise.

We have taken the liberty to give a snapshot of where the Company is today (


In the past year, Incept has emerged as a truly diversified global company, incorporating new and exciting projects into its asset base. Incept continues to engage an aggressive growth strategy with a solid foundation, diversified project base, expansive market opportunities and a clear direction.

The business of Incept was founded on servicing high-growth emerging markets; a direction which continues to be a pivotal part of the Company’s strategic approach today.

Corporate Information

Incept is a British Virgin Islands public company limited by shares (CN 1924586). The ISIN/CUSIP numbers are at including the asset portfolio.
The shares are held at Integral Transfer Agency in Canada, and we are advised, are registered for CDS clearance and electronic transfer.

Business Snapshot and Strategic Positioning

Incept is a diversified, global private equity company with established intellectual property, technological and natural resource businesses. The strategic business model centres on new technologies and is supported by worldwide activities in natural resources and related opportunities.

Total Shares on Issue: 576,439,825

Executed Support of Capital Structure;

  • US$75 million project credit line from USA bond issue confirmed for two projects in Africa i.e. $US45 mil for Congo/Nigeria (this is awaiting final project finance contracts to be executed). This follows successful bond issue/credit line for the Mali Gold, Iron Ore, and Bauxite project.  Projections indicate that the Mali project may go into revenue in CY19. We are advised that the Congo project is already in revenue.
  • Revenues from commodity sales during CY19


  1. The 2017 group accounts consolidated by audited accounts of each subsidiary are on the Investor Relations tab of These are strictly on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) basis and have no relationship with share price or market value of a company which is based on future projections.
  2. Greengum and Mali projects are expected to be in revenue during CY19.
  3. US$45 million will be invested in the Congo and Nigeria projects and will provide a significant increase in asset base (subject to execution of project finance contracts)
  4. Incept has agreed to list a major project through an Issuer Status Company in Canada.


Project Priorities

Sector Description and uniqueness Funding route Future advice
Resources Nigerian coal
Separate funding announcement. JV contracts executed
Resources Congo copper – M’Passa-Moubiri 2011-471
and Mindouli 2011-472
Advised already in revenues
Separate funding announcement. JV contracts executed
Resources Mali iron ore
Already funded similar to funding route for Nigeria and Congo Expected revenues in 2019
Resources Further acquisition of MPSA for global deposit (Cagayan), Future pig iron plant. Overnight logistics to China.

TBA Separate announcement
Industrial Technologies Greengum factory

Funding completed Manufacturing permit to begin production expected shortly
Carbon and Energy
The carbon rights have been valued Advice in  audited accounts
Property & Agriculture Incept has optioned a 1,100 apartment project in Leppington, NSW and is progressing with DA approval (
TBA Separate announcement on funding or sale

On behalf of all the Directors and staff at the Incept Group of Companies we would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and safe and enjoyable holiday.

Incept Group of Companies