Incept Holdings confirms a US$80 million project credit line.

Incept Holdings Ltd (ISIN VGG618061086) confirms that the Company has in place a US$80 million credit line and the credit line is now available for drawdown.

We confirm that a private U.S.- based Investment Bank has secured a US$80 million credit line for several projects in the pipeline. The credit line is drawn upon the due diligence of each project participating.

The credit line will be used for funding asset- based projects in resources, agriculture and clean energy where the offtake is in place.

Projects under considerations for the credit line are:

  • Iron sand in Cagayan, Philippines.
  • Agriculture in South Sudan, Africa.
  • Thermal Coal in Nigeria, Africa
  • Gold in Indochina
  • Copper in Congo Africa.
  • Property development in Leppington Sydney Australia.

The Company further confirms that the underwriting facility is still in place for an IPO. Equity projects under consideration cover coal gasification, perpetual energy in Asia and a cancer-focussed medical company for third world countries using traditional treatments.

We thank you for your patience and encouragement as we continue to undertake our work. Today, as we continue to strengthen our company, we are focused on working with our partners to help with achieving the objectives of our company. The alignment of our mission and our business has never been clearer.

The board will keep shareholders informed of the projects selection.