Why tapping into Earth’s most precious resource could be the next big thing.

Ask Eoin Fahy to name the world’s most precious resource and he doesn’t hesitate to answer. “It’s blindingly obvious,” he said. “Water is the most essential item in the world.” That response often surprises people, he said, especially with many investors fixated on the falling price of oil, now at $45 per barrel, down 57% from $107 in June 2014.

Rio Tinto cuts costs, sticks to steel outlook

Mining giant Rio Tinto is cutting more costs from its iron ore operations and maintaining its forecasts for Chinese steel demand despite growth concerns. Rio expects Chinese steel production to reach around one billion tonnes by 2030, in contrast to rival BHP Billiton, which recently lowered its expectations to between 935 million tonnes and 985 million tonnes in the mid …

When a slump hits a vast iron ore mine in Australia

Australia’s iron ore industry has hit a slump after decades of boom fuelled by rampant demand from China. This is threatening the livelihoods of thousands of miners and entire communities dependent on these vast opencast mines.